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Scales | Muted Strings · Blank Strings

Creating a Cmaj7 arpeggio diagram in the VII. position with the font Scales Normal. Sometimes you may want to show an arpeggio or scale on specific strings only. Mark the strings not played as muted or blank.
  • open a blank Pages document
  • in the font menu choose the font Scales Normal
  • type uppercase VII 7th fret position
  • type lowercase x muted string
  • type number key 9 blank string
  • type number keys 1-4 to place dots on corresponding frets
  • type number key plus period to add a root note
00:00  /  00:00
Keys · Overview
Type the keys corresponding to the symbols you wish to enter.
Type Scales Normal · Scales Nut · Scales Dot
Open · muted · blank strings
number key zero → 0 open string
number key zero plus period → 0. open string · root note
lowercase x muted string
number key 9 blank string