1 Scales | Dots · root notes · fret position

Creating a Cmaj scale in the VII. position with the font Scales Normal.
  • open a blank Pages document
  • in the font menu choose the font Scales Normal
  • set the font size = diagram size
  • type uppercase VII 7th fret position
  • type number keys 1-4 to place dots on corresponding frets
  • type number key plus period to add a root note
Key clicks for demo purpose only.

Keys · Overview

Type the keys corresponding to the symbols you wish to enter.
Type Scales Normal · Scales Nut · Scales Dot
1 dot 1st fret
2 dot 2nd fret
3 dot 3rd fret
4 dot 4th fret
5 dot 5th fret
6 dot 6th fret (Scales VI only)
Root notes
1. root note 1st fret
2. root note 2nd fret
3. root note 3rd fret
4. root note 4th fret
5. root note 5th fret
6. root note 6th fret (Scales VI only)
Fret position
I V X fret position · roman numerals

Text Features · Graphic Features

Change the appearance of neck diagrams by applying text features such as font size, font color, font shadow etc. to the fonts Chords and Scales.
tutorial-text-features in Pages
  • text color = neck diagram color
  • font size = neck diagram size
  • bold font style → neck diagrams with zero fret → Nut
  • text shadow
  • paragraph styles · character styles
  • text box → stroke
  • make sure that ligatures are enabled
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