3 Chords | Barré

Creating a Cmaj barré chord in the VIII. position with the font Chords Normal.
  • open a blank Pages document
  • in the font menu choose the font Chords Normal
  • type uppercase VIII 8th fret position
  • type number keys 1 3 3 2 1 1 to place dots on corresponding frets
  • to add root notes move the cursor with the arrow keys and place it to the right of the corresponding strings. Type period.
  • move the cursor* with the arrow keys to the low E string.
  • place it to the right of the string.
  • type repeatedly lowercase b.
  • always follow the order dots root notes barre
  • put simply, follow the order number period b
* In the video the cursor is already positioned at the low E string.
Key clicks for demo purpose only.

Keys · Overview

Type the keys corresponding to the symbols you wish to enter.
Type Chords Normal · Chords Nut · Chords Dot
b … bbbbbbbb barré · up to nine strings
Always create diagrams in the order fret positiondotsroot notesbarréfingerings
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