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The Fonts Chords & Scales are currently (as of January 2024) no longer available for sale and download.
Existing customers will continue to receive support.

In 2024 – with an updated website and a new reseller – there will be new and exciting fonts for chord and scale diagrams available. Stay tuned.

I will switch to another sales platform because Fastspring, my previous sales platform, will charge fees that are not acceptable to me.
Thank you very much for your support and all the best,

Manne Schlaier

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Fonts Chords and Scales - Installation

macOS · iOS · iPadOS
Installing the fonts Chords and Scales on your desktop and mobile devices


The following step-by-step tutorials and examples build up one upon the other and are designed to introduce you to some basic Chords and Scales features. Using the fonts Chords and Scales is very intuitive. However, I recommend that you work through the examples step by step.

Make sure that
ligatures are enabled!

Font Scales - Basics

Dots · Root Notes · Fret Position
Creating a Cmaj scale diagram in the VII. position with the font Scales Normal.
Open Strings · Open Root Notes · Zero Fret
Creating a Gmaj pentatonic scale diagram with the font Scales.
Muted Strings · Blank Strings
Creating a Cmaj7 arpeggio diagram in the VII. position with the font Scales Normal.
Dots On Adjacent Strings
By default the font Scales places ascending numbers/dots on frets on the same string. Typing the trigger key hyphen - places the dot on the adjacent string.

Font Chords - Basics

Dots · Root Notes
Creating a Cmaj chord diagram in the VIII. position with the font Chords Normal.
Open Strings · Muted Strings · Zero Fret
Creating an Amaj chord diagram with the font Chords Nut.
Creating a Cmaj barré chord diagram in the VIII. position with the font Chords Normal.
Creating a F#7 barré chord diagram in the II. position using the font Chords Nut.

Font Chords And Scales - Miscellaneous

Blank Diagrams
Creating a Pages document with blank diagrams using the fonts Chords or Scales only.
Diagram Size = Font Size
Change the size of neck diagrams by increasing or decreasing the font size .
Movable Neck Diagrams
In Apple Pages word processing documents you can choose whether you insert diagrams inline as regular text or in floating movable text boxes.
Layered Neck Diagrams
Create layered neck diagrams using the fonts Chords Dot and Scales Dot

Font Chords And Scales - Advanced

Adding Frets To Neck Diagrams
It is pretty easy to add any number of frets to neck diagrams by connecting and aligning two or more text boxes in Apple Pages.
Custom Neck Diagrams Library
Add your custom neck diagrams to the Chords and Scales Library by running a script from the menu bar.
Chords And Scales Library – Drag And Drop On iPad
With the release of iPadOS Apple continues what they introduced with iOS 11: excellent text features and custom font support in combination with a deliberate files system.

That makes the work with diagrams on the iPad much easier.
Adding Neck Diagrams To Music Reader forScore
Although forScore does not support custom fonts yet, it is a breeze on iPads supporting Drag ‘n Drop to add chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams to its sheet music and lyrics sheets using Apple’s free app Keynote and the fonts Chords and Scales.
Creating PNG-Images From Fonts Using Automator
In this first part of the tutorial I am going to show you how to convert your scale- and chord diagrams from text to png-images using the application Automator that comes with macOS. Create images from Chords & Scales neck diagrams you wrote in Apple Pages or TextEdit – or even from Spotlight without opening any application.
Sharing Chords And Scales Diagrams
Occasionally you may want to share additional chord, scale or arpeggio diagrams as an explanatory note with your students. In this second part of the tutorial I show you how to attach, markup and share these images.