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The Fonts Chords & Scales are currently (as of January 2024) no longer available for sale and download.
Existing customers will continue to receive support.

In 2024 – with an updated website and a new reseller – there will be new and exciting fonts for chord and scale diagrams available. Stay tuned.

I will switch to another sales platform because Fastspring, my previous sales platform, will charge fees that are not acceptable to me.
Thank you very much for your support and all the best,

Manne Schlaier

Creating Diagrams With The Fonts Chords And Scales

Quick And Easy
Chords and Scales are OpenType symbol fonts for neck diagrams.

Create precise fretboard diagrams for chords, scales, arpeggios and blank diagrams solely in Apple Pages, Apple Keynote and other eligible applications in macOS as well as on the iPad and iPhone in no time.
Chords and Scales in Apple Pages in macOS
macOS · iOS · iPadOS
Beginning with iOS 7 it is pretty easy to add the fonts Chords and Scales to your iOS/iPadOS device and use them in Pages, Keynote, Numbers and other eligible apps such as PDF Expert, Symphony Pro or Affinity Designer.
Chords and Scales in Apple Pages in macOS
Spotlight Search
The fonts Chords and Scales come with a huge library of more than 10000 editable chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams for guitar which can be dropped into other documents in macOS and iOS at any time.

You can save your own custom diagrams and add them to this library.

A quick and easy way to insert these diagrams into your documents offers Spotlight Search that comes with macOS.
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To take advantage of Drag and Drop in iPadOS upload the Chords and Scales library to your iCloud Drive or Files folder using your iPad's Split View and Slide Over features.
Lyrics Sheets
  • write some lyrics in Pages
  • add chord names above the lyrics
  • place the cursor above the chord names
  • choose the font Chords Nut
  • create chord diagrams corresponding to the chord names
  • alternative use the Chords library and Spotlight Search to add diagrams to the document
Chords and Scales Lyrics Sheet
PDF Lead Sheets
  • Add self-provided neck diagrams for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele and other fretted instruments to sheet music
  • Write chord boxes and scale diagrams directly into pdf-documents
  • Print pin sharp neck diagrams in any size
  • Export them as images to the web
  • Save them as pdf
Chords and Scales PDF Leadsheet
The fonts Chords and Scales work very well in Steinberg’s music notation software Dorico for macOS.

Layout custom text frames and write your pin sharp chord boxes, scales and arpeggio diagrams in any size directly in the score.

Alternatively use Spotlight and the Chords & Scales library and drop diagrams into your Dorico document.
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Guitar Pro
Music notation software applications such as Finale or Guitar Pro have excellent chord diagram libraries. As an alternative add chords, scales, arpeggios and blank neck diagrams easily to your sheet music using the fonts Chords and Scales.
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Use the fonts Chords and Scales as handy additions for your custom neck diagrams in Finale.
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Keynote Presentation
Using the fonts Chords and Scales with Apple Keynote in macOS as well as in iPadOS and iOS lets you create powerful presentations for workshops or the web without importing images or PDF files from other applications.
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