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Chords & Scales · Fonts for neck diagrams
  • 4 font families · 3 font styles
    Font family: Chords
    Font styles: Chords Normal · Chords Nut · Chords Dot

    Font family: Chords VI
    Font styles: Chords VI Normal · Chords VI Nut · Chords VI Dot

    Font family: Scales
    Font styles: Scales Normal · Scales Nut · Scales Dot

    Font family: Scales VI
    Font styles: Scales VI Normal · Scales VI Nut · Scales VI Dot

  • Chords & Scales comes with a huge library of more than 7000 editable chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams for guitar which can be dropped into other documents in macOS at any time. To take advantage of the library in iOS upload the library to your iCloud Drive using your iPad's Split View and Slide Over features. You may install and use the OpenType fonts on two of your own desktop computers and two of your own mobile devices.

    Info Please follow the installation instructions and video tutorials.

  • Requirements: macOS 10.5.8 and later · Apple Pages ’08 or Keynote ’08 and later. iOS iOS 7 and later · Pages or Keynote for iOS.
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