harmonic minor

Harmonic Minor Scale | Diatonic Chords

Completing my previous blog post Major Scale | Diatonic Chords this Keynote presentation deals with the harmonic minor scale and its diatonic chords. The scale- and chord diagrams were created with the fonts Chords and Scales. No images or shapes were used.

Create diatonic seventh chords in a harmonic minor scale by just shifting the root of each 7th chord up a diatonic second.

Harmonic Minor Scale | Diatonic Chords

Harmonic Minor Scale Diagrams

Note: The Scales font family needs to be installed on your computer to display the diagrams!

  • more than thousand free scale diagrams
  • harmonic minor scale and its derived modes
  • in all keys
  • for six string guitar
  • add the scale diagrams to your Scales library folder
  • requirements: Scales font family | Mac OS X
  • HM1 | Harmonic Minor Scale in all keys
  • HM2 | Locrian Natural 6 in all keys
  • HM3 | Ionian Augmented in all keys
  • HM4 | Romanian Minor | Souzinak | Dorian #4  in all keys
  • HM5 | Phrygian Dominant | Mixo (b9/b13) in all keys
  • HM6 | Lydian (#2) in all keys
  • HM7 | Ultralocrian in all keys


 Spotlight Search Criteria

All diagrams are tagged with keywords helping you to narrow down your search results by typing specific criteria (see also → Library).

1. Searching for specific scale names

To find scale diagrams type the root note  followed by the scale name as shown in the screenshot below.


Call up the Spotlight menu and type e.g. D Romanian. As you type Spotlight builds the list of every match it can find tagged with D Romanian. Choose the scale diagram you wish to insert and paste it into an open Pages, Keynote, Guitar Pro or another eligible document.