bebop major

Bebop Major Scale Diagrams

Adding diagrams to your Chords and Scales Library

  • Send me an email to get the Bebop Major Scale diagrams for free.
  • Add them to your Scales library folder.

Note: The Scales font family needs to be installed on your computer or iPad to display the diagrams!

  • 175 bebop major neck diagrams for six string guitar
  • all keys
  • for your Scales library
  • requirements: Scales font family | macOS | iOS


Bebop Major Scale · Spotlight Search Criteria

All diagrams are tagged with the keywords

  • Bebop
  • scale
  • major, maj, ma
  • font

helping you to narrow down your search results by typing specific criteria (see also → Library).

Searching for specific scales

To find Bebop Major Scale diagrams type root (A) scale mode (Bebop Major) fret position (X) as shown in the animation below.

Use Spotlight to drag and drop scale diagrams to an open Pages document

Call up the Spotlight menu and type e.g. A Bebop Major Scale. As you type Spotlight builds the list of every match it can find tagged with A Bebop Major Scale. Choose the neck diagram you wish to insert and paste it into an open Pages, Keynote, Guitar Pro, Finale, Dorico or another eligible document.


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