Tetrachords | Circle of Fifths | Part 1

Major Tetrachords · Major Scales


A major tetrachord is a series of four notes with the interval pattern tone – tone – semitone (2-2-b2).



A major scale is a combination of two major tetrachords separated by a major second (2).



Cmaj Scale


The Cmaj scale is a combination of the Cmaj tetrachord and the Gmaj tetrachord separated by a whole-tone.


Gmaj Scale

The upper tetrachord G A B C of the Cmaj scale becomes the lower tetrachord of the Gmaj scale.


The Gmaj scale is a combination of the Gmaj tetrachord and the Dmaj tetrachord separated by a whole-tone.


Dmaj Scale

The upper tetrachord D E F# G of the Gmaj scale becomes the lower tetrachord of the Dmaj scale.



The Dmaj scale is a combination of the Dmaj tetrachord and the Amaj tetrachord separated by a whole-tone.


And so on…continuing this series of tetrachords will result in the circle of fifths.


Series of Major Tetrachords → Circle of Fifths




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