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New Font Styles | Chords Dot · Scales Dot

Today I want to show you in a short video the upcoming new font styles Chords Dot and Scales Dot complementing the font families Chords and Scales. With this upgrade you are enabled to create layered neck diagrams in Mac OS X and iOS in any combination:

  • scales – scales
  • scales – arpeggios
  • scales – chords
  • chords – chords
  • chords – arpeggios


Create powerful web presentations without the hassle of importing fretboard images or pdf-files from other applications. Only fonts are used in this video – no images. The chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams are written within Apple Pages resp. Keynote taking advantage of the features these applications offer. 


Chords and Scales Library

By now the Chords and Scales library coming with fonts for neck diagrams includes about 10.000 chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams for guitar, not to mention your custom neck diagrams. All these diagrams can be used with the new font styles Chords Dot and Scales Dot as well. 

Please note that Chords Dot and Scales Dot will be free upgrades for existing customers. Stay tuned!

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