Diminished Scale | Dominant Diminished Scale

This Keynote presentation deals with the Diminished Scale & Dominant Diminished Scale and the correlating chords. The scale- and chord diagrams were created with the fonts Chords and Scales. No images or shapes were used.

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Dominant Diminished Scale


Diminished Scale

Use the diminished scale (symmetric diminished scale) for diminished seventh chords. It is an eight-note scale built by alternating whole steps and half steps.

e.g. use C diminished scale for Cdim7

Dominant Diminished Scale

Use the dominant diminished scale for 7(b9) chords. It is an eight-note scale built by alternating half steps and whole steps.

e.g. use C dominant diminished for C7(b9)


Diminished Scale · Dominant Diminished Scale · Chords

Create dominant seventh chords by lowering any note of a diminished seventh chord a minor second.

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