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Update Dec. 30th: emails with upgrade instructions sent to all existing users. Please check your mail folders.

Chords and Scales | Six frets

Today I published two new font families Chords VI and Scales VI for neck diagrams. These fonts are an addition to the fonts Chords and Scales expanding the possibilities to create chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams in Mac OS X and iOS with six frets. The  font families Chords VI and Scales VI contain the three font styles

  • Normal
  • Nut and
  • Dot

Additionally this upgrade includes:

  • barrĂ© chords up to nine strings for Chords and Chords VI


Chords and Scales Library

By now the Chords and Scales library coming with fonts for neck diagrams includes about 10.000 chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams for guitar, not to mention your custom neck diagrams.

All these diagrams are compatible with the new font families Chords VI and Scales VI as well. Call up the Spotlight menu, choose the neck diagrams you wish to insert and paste them into your document or Keynote presentation. In the font menu change the font familiy from Chords resp. Scales to Chords VI resp. Scales VI.


Free Upgrade

This is a free upgrade for existing users.

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