Share Chords and Scales diagrams

In part 1 of this tutorial I showed you how to convert your scale- and chord diagrams from text to png-images using the application Automator.

You created images from Chords & Scales neck diagrams using Apple Pages or TextEdit – or even Spotlight without opening any application.

Share Chords and Scales diagrams

Occasionally you may want to share additional chord, scale or arpeggio diagrams as an explanatory note with  your students. In this second part of the tutorial I show you how to attach, markup and share these images.


Script · Scales Normal to Mail

  • converts your scale diagram to an image
  • saves the image to the folder My Scales Images
  • opens the application Mail
  • attaches the image to a new email
  • completing subject and message automatically

Watch the movie to get the idea.



Creating PNG-Images from Fonts Using Automator

In this first part of the tutorial I am going to show you how to convert your scale- and chord diagrams from text to png-images using the application Automator that comes with macos. Create images from Chords & Scales neck diagrams you wrote in Apple Pages or TextEdit – or even from Spotlight without opening any application. Part 2 and 3 of this tutorial will cover how to share these images on Facebook, add them to your website, attach them to emails or use them as stamps in forScore.

Watch the movie to get the idea.


Custom Neck Diagrams Library

Note: Fonts for neck diagrams need to be installed on your computer to display the diagrams!

The fonts Chords and Scales come with a huge library of thousands of editable chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams for guitar which can be dropped into other documents in Mac OS X at any time.

As already specified (→ Library → Guitar ProSpotlight Search offers a quick and easy way to insert these diagrams into your documents.


Custom Neck Diagrams

And here’s how it works to add your own custom neck diagrams to the library.

Create some custom neck diagrams using the fonts Chords and Scales. Highlight and copy the diagram you wish to add to the library. Then run a script that automatically adds your just created diagram to the custom neck diagrams library and thus to Spotlight Search.

Running a Script

Go to the Script menu in the menu bar and select the script according to the font style of the selected diagram.

The script automatically

creates the folder My Neck Diagrams in your Documents folder
adds a subfolder according to the font style

  • My Chords Normal
  • My Chords Nut
  • My Scales Normal
  • My Scales Nut
  • My Arpeggios Normal
  • My Arpeggios Nut

opens a new document in TextEdit
pastes your custom diagram into the new TextEdit document
sets the font size to 20
sets the font style according to the name of the script
waits for your input for chord name, fret position and string numbers
saves the document in the subfolder and closes the document
waits for your input for your Spotlight comments