Adding Neck Diagrams to Music Reader forScore

forScore for iPad

The fonts Chords and Scales don’t take advantage of new text features only that updated apps and operating systems offer but from universally applicable features as well. With the release of iOS 11 the music reader app forScore was updated to Apple’s new mobile operating system.

Although forScore does not support custom fonts yet, it is a breeze on iPads supporting Drag ‘n Drop to add chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams to its sheet music and lyrics sheets using Apple’s free app Keynote and the fonts Chords and Scales.


Creating Neck Diagrams

  • open the app forScore on your iPad
  • open Apple Keynote in Split View
  • in Apple Keynote create your custom chord and scale diagrams using the fonts Chords and Scales
  • drag and drop your diagrams from Keynote’s slide panel into the music sheet
  • apply different colors, backgrounds or styles to the diagrams
  • adjust the diagram size if necessary


Watch the video:


See also Chords and Scales Library – Drag and Drop on the iPad

C Major Scale | Diatonic Triads | String Set 135

Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 135

This tutorial covers diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 135. Find previous blog posts with triads on different string sets in part 1part 2 and part 3 of this tutorial.


The video shows all diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 135.



Open voiced triads

Create diatonic open-voiced triads on string set 135 by replacing the middle note of each triad of string set 123 with the same note on string 5 (-1 octave).

Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 135 · open voiced triads


Shifting the root

Create diatonic triads in a major scale by just shifting the root of each triad down a diatonic second.

Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 135 · Shifting root notes


All triads in all keys

Play open voiced triads on string set 135 in all other major keys:

Cmaj → Fmaj → Bbmaj → Ebmaj → Abmaj → Dbmaj → Gbmaj → F#maj → Bmaj → Emaj → Amaj → Dmaj → Gmaj → Cmaj


Download free PDF · String Set 135

Building Seventh Chords | Amaj7 → Adim7

Update August 2016: Added free PDF – download Building Seventh Chords

Building seventh chords maj7 → dom7 → min7 → min7(b5) → dim7 by shifting one note of each seventh chord down a minor second. Pay attention to the identical dim7 chord shapes in all positions.


Chord structures

maj7 1 3 5 7 A C# E G#
dom7 1 3 5 b7 A C# E G
min7 1 b3 5 b7 A C E G
min7(b5) 1 b3 b5 b7 A C Eb G
dim7 1 b3 b5 bb7 A C Eb Gb


Building Seventh Chords | Amaj7 → Adim7

The chord diagrams in this Keynote presentation were created with the fonts Chords. No images or shapes were used.


Different String Sets

Try also other string sets such as 2345, 3456, 2346


building seventh chords - major7-string-sets