Adding Neck Diagrams to Music Reader forScore

forScore for iPad

The fonts Chords and Scales don’t take advantage of new text features only that updated apps and operating systems offer but from universally applicable features as well. With the release of iOS 11 the music reader app forScore was updated to Apple’s new mobile operating system.

Although forScore does not support custom fonts yet, it is a breeze on iPads supporting Drag ‘n Drop to add chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams to its sheet music and lyrics sheets using Apple’s free app Keynote and the fonts Chords and Scales.


Creating Neck Diagrams

  • open the app forScore on your iPad
  • open Apple Keynote in Split View
  • in Apple Keynote create your custom chord and scale diagrams using the fonts Chords and Scales
  • drag and drop your diagrams from Keynote’s slide panel into the music sheet
  • apply different colors, backgrounds or styles to the diagrams
  • adjust the diagram size if necessary


Watch the video:


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Chords and Scales in Dorico Music Notation Software

Quick and easy diagrams in Dorico

The fonts Chords and Scales work very well in Steinberg’s music notation software Dorico for macOS.

Layout custom text frames and write your pin sharp chord boxes, scales and arpeggio diagrams in any size directly in the score.

Alternatively use Spotlight and the huge Chords & Scales library with more than 10000 chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams and drop them into your Dorico document.

Watch the video: