Bebop Major Scale Diagrams

Adding diagrams to your Chords and Scales Library

  • Send me an email to get the Bebop Major Scale diagrams for free.
  • Add them to your Scales library folder.

Note: The Scales font family needs to be installed on your computer or iPad to display the diagrams!

  • 175 bebop major neck diagrams for six string guitar
  • all keys
  • for your Scales library
  • requirements: Scales font family | macOS | iOS


Bebop Major Scale · Spotlight Search Criteria

All diagrams are tagged with the keywords

  • Bebop
  • scale
  • major, maj, ma
  • font

helping you to narrow down your search results by typing specific criteria (see also → Library).

Searching for specific scales

To find Bebop Major Scale diagrams type root (A) scale mode (Bebop Major) fret position (X) as shown in the animation below.

Use Spotlight to drag and drop scale diagrams to an open Pages document

Call up the Spotlight menu and type e.g. A Bebop Major Scale. As you type Spotlight builds the list of every match it can find tagged with A Bebop Major Scale. Choose the neck diagram you wish to insert and paste it into an open Pages, Keynote, Guitar Pro, Finale, Dorico or another eligible document.


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Chords and Scales Library – Drag and Drop on iPad

Drag and Drop – iOS 11

Since I created the fonts Chords and Scales some years ago I hoped that Apple would release an update for iOS featuring Drag and Drop for text on the iPad. With the release of iOS 11 Apple introduced quite a few new features the fonts Chords and Scales take advantage of.

Drag and Drop for text – that implies the fonts Chords and Scales –  is the most useful feature that makes the work with diagrams much easier.


Chords & Scales Library

First upload the Chords & Scales Library with more than 10000 chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams to your iCloud Drive. Include your custom diagrams as well.

Open a new Apple Pages document on your iPad. Then open the Files App introduced with iOS 11.

Use Split View mode to drag & drop diagram files from the Chords and Scales Library to the Apple Pages document. Edit the diagrams by applying text styles, resize the diagram by changing the font size, add frames to the diagrams and background color, et cetera.



Use apps such as Readdle’s PDF Expert to drag and drop diagrams from your iCloud Drive to a PDF leadsheet as shown in the video.

It’s that simple.

Share Chords and Scales diagrams

In part 1 of this tutorial I showed you how to convert your scale- and chord diagrams from text to png-images using the application Automator.

You created images from Chords & Scales neck diagrams using Apple Pages or TextEdit – or even Spotlight without opening any application.

Share Chords and Scales diagrams

Occasionally you may want to share additional chord, scale or arpeggio diagrams as an explanatory note with  your students. In this second part of the tutorial I show you how to attach, markup and share these images.


Script · Scales Normal to Mail

  • converts your scale diagram to an image
  • saves the image to the folder My Scales Images
  • opens the application Mail
  • attaches the image to a new email
  • completing subject and message automatically

Watch the movie to get the idea.



Creating PNG-Images from Fonts Using Automator

In this first part of the tutorial I am going to show you how to convert your scale- and chord diagrams from text to png-images using the application Automator that comes with macos. Create images from Chords & Scales neck diagrams you wrote in Apple Pages or TextEdit – or even from Spotlight without opening any application. Part 2 and 3 of this tutorial will cover how to share these images on Facebook, add them to your website, attach them to emails or use them as stamps in forScore.

Watch the movie to get the idea.


C Major Scale | Diatonic Triads | String Set 234

Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 234

This tutorial covers diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 234. Find previous blog posts with triads on string set 123 in part 1 and part 2 of this tutorial.

Create diatonic triads in a major scale by just shifting the root of each triad down a diatonic second → 2 common tones.

Note the position of the root notes on strings set 234

  • 1st inversion → root on upper (2nd) string
  • 2nd inversion → root on middle (3rd) string
  • root position → root on lower (4th) string


Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 234


The video shows all diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 234.


String 1 → String 4

Create diatonic triads on string set 234 by replacing the upper note of each triad of string set 123 with the same note on string 4 (-1 octave).

  • 2nd inversion on 123 → 1st inversion on 234
  • 1st inversion on 123 → root position on 234
  • root position on 123 → 2nd inversion on 234


Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 1234


Same inversions on string set 123 and 234

Each diagram shows identical triads on string set 123 and 234. However they differ in tone quality due to gauge and length of the played strings.

Diatonic triads in the key of C major on string set 123 and 234


Download PDF (5 pages)

Building Seventh Chords | Amaj7 → Adim7

Update August 2016: Added free PDF – download Building Seventh Chords

Building seventh chords maj7 → dom7 → min7 → min7(b5) → dim7 by shifting one note of each seventh chord down a minor second. Pay attention to the identical dim7 chord shapes in all positions.


Chord structures

maj7 1 3 5 7 A C# E G#
dom7 1 3 5 b7 A C# E G
min7 1 b3 5 b7 A C E G
min7(b5) 1 b3 b5 b7 A C Eb G
dim7 1 b3 b5 bb7 A C Eb Gb


Building Seventh Chords | Amaj7 → Adim7

The chord diagrams in this Keynote presentation were created with the fonts Chords. No images or shapes were used.


Different String Sets

Try also other string sets such as 2345, 3456, 2346


building seventh chords - major7-string-sets



Adding frets to neck diagrams

By default the fonts Chords and Scales create chord- and scale diagrams with five and six frets. Diagrams for scale patterns using three notes per string, long-form arpeggios or some tetrachord patterns require more than six frets.

It is pretty easy to add any number of frets to these diagrams by connecting and aligning two or more text boxes in Apple Pages as shown in the video. Make sure to set Text Wrap of each text box to None.




Adding frets to a diagram in Apple Pages


  • create two neck diagrams with the fonts Chords and/or Scales
  • set Text Wrap of each text box to None
  • cut the lower part of the text box resp. neck diagram to avoid overlaps
  • connect and align text boxes
  • group the text boxes
  • optionally rotate the diagram by 90°


Layered Neck Diagrams | Sneak Peek

New Font Styles | Chords Dot · Scales Dot

Today I want to show you in a short video the upcoming new font styles Chords Dot and Scales Dot complementing the font families Chords and Scales. With this upgrade you are enabled to create layered neck diagrams in Mac OS X and iOS in any combination:

  • scales – scales
  • scales – arpeggios
  • scales – chords
  • chords – chords
  • chords – arpeggios


Create powerful web presentations without the hassle of importing fretboard images or pdf-files from other applications. Only fonts are used in this video – no images. The chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams are written within Apple Pages resp. Keynote taking advantage of the features these applications offer. 


Chords and Scales Library

By now the Chords and Scales library coming with fonts for neck diagrams includes about 10.000 chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams for guitar, not to mention your custom neck diagrams. All these diagrams can be used with the new font styles Chords Dot and Scales Dot as well. 

Please note that Chords Dot and Scales Dot will be free upgrades for existing customers. Stay tuned!

Tutorial | Movable neck diagrams

In Keynote, Preview and other applications text (and thus Chords and Scales neck diagrams) is inserted in floating and movable text boxes which can be placed and arranged anywhere on a page.

In Pages word processing documents you can choose whether you insert neck diagrams inline as regular text or in floating movable text boxes as shown in the video.

As already specified (→ Library → Lyrics sheetsSpotlight Search offers a quick and easy way to insert chord-, scale- and arpeggio diagrams into your documents. As you type Spotlight builds a list of every match it can find by tracking the keywords, descriptions and tags applied to the Chords and Scales snippets.

As shown in the video choose Am7 penta V.rtf and drag and drop it directly from the list into an open Pages Word Processing document. Pages ’08 and ’09 import files in Rich Text Format (.rtf) and preserve their formatting.

To insert a floating textbox with a movable neck diagram hold the Cmd (⌘) key while you drag and drop.

In the Wrap pop-up menu in the format bar choose None to deactivate wrapping text around the floating textbox. Alternatively open the Wrap inspector and uncheck Object causes wrap.

You can edit the pasted diagram by applying text features like font-size, color, background-color or shadows.

Blues Scales Overview

Use this Pages document as a source for blues scale guitar diagrams in different fret positions. Feel free to copy and print sections for your students, modify the diagrams and descriptions as required. For Mac OS X, iPad and iPhone.

Note: The Scales font family needs to be installed on your computer to display the diagrams!

Blues scale overview mac os x

  • blues scales diagrams
  • all keys
  • 10 pages
  • 90 blues scale diagrams for six string guitar
  • A4 · US letter
  • Mac OS X and iOS
  • requirements: Scales font family · Apple Pages

Free download